Thursday, July 30, 2015

OBIEE Visualization - D3 Charts Part 4 (Hexagonal KPI's)

Hi guys, I am back with new visualization in D3 and OBIEE, this time we have honeycomb pattern showcasing the KPI's that will change color according to some conditions. Given below is the final version of what we are going to do today

So let's begin with understanding what we are trying to achieve here. The above image shows the shipments of commodity types by region(dummy data - not to scale). This KPI's will change color depending upon the threshold bucket values setup in the predefined condition.
Note that the % is calculated according to the specific commodity shipment from the total shipments.


Only 2 columns, Name and Percentage respectively.


 Few Modifications:
  • Resouce Utilization and comparison from last year

  • Customer Complaints and their distribution

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