Friday, January 2, 2015

OBIEE Visualization - D3J Charts Part 3 (Advance)

Hey fellas, in this post, we will try to integrate D3 charts with obiee but this time the source will be the more realistic, we will try to graph EBS Vision BOM Data. The final tree will look something like this:

So, let's start by understanding the EBS table structure.Vision BOM contains three important tables namely:

So, using these tables we can able to find the Assembly Item and its components, thus can generate a hierarchy.
To model the BOM structure, we have created a view which represent the following columns that are deduced from these three tables.

ORDER_LEVEL: This represent the assembly_item order level(order 1 being the root)
ASSEMBLY_ITEM: Assembly Item name.
COMPONENT_ITEM: Immediate component name that follows its parent assembly item.
ASSEMBLY_DESCRIPTION: Assembly Item description
COMPONENT_ITEM_DESCRIPTION: Component Item Description.
PATH: Trace Path from root item to the current item.
ORGANIZATION_ID: Organization to which Item belongs.

Import this view into the rpd, create an alias, pull the view in BMM layer,create replica of it and make a logical join.Now, add this to presentation layer and host the rpd.

Now using the D3 charts described in part 1 and part 2 you can able to represent the data using narrative view. In this example, D3 chart is taken from here.

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